December 30, 2010

Cure for the common cold.

My 10-day vacation and holidays included two days of airport borne food poisoning followed immediately  by a nasty cold and cough. We've been back in town and back to "real life" for three days now, and the cold just lingers. Last night I finally made it to the barn to see Miss Thing and to feed.

I'd be lying if I said that I was indifferent to the fact that she didn't seem to care that I finally returned, and was focused entirely on the fact that she wanted dinner, NOW! Hump. Well, once she was fed she seemed to be pleased that I pulled her from her paddock for a grooming session. That's something I guess.

After spending an hour, mid-sniffle and cough, hanging out and getting her all pretty I put her back and headed home. I contemplated ending her vacation two weeks early, as I hate not being able to ride her. However, I made a promise that she'd get two full months I'm sticking with it. I think I may longe her tonight though, as she seems to be quite full of herself. She is holding weight well this year, which is a relief! I was not sure how being un-blanketed all winter would effect her weight. To that end though, she will need a clip of some sort for getting back into work, and will have to be blanketed for a few months. I'm thinking I'll put an Irish clip on her so that she still has bum hair to protect her from the wind and rain. However her tummy (the part that gets the filthiest) and her sweaty parts will be trimmed. Regardless, it will need to happen in the next week or two so that her summer coat doesn't get effected. This also means I'll have to find a warmish day to wash at least half of her. This will definitely be a challenge.

The moral of the story though? I've been taking everything to get this cold to go away. Well guess what I needed? Apparently one night in the fridged, cold, wet, air at the barn! Today I can finally breath through my nose and I have more energy that I have had in two weeks. Go figure.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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Adventures In Colt Starting


  1. It's so counter intuitive, but a couple hours in the elements almost always makes me feel physically better.

  2. Not much in the way of warm days here in the PacNorWest right now, or for the foreseeable future. But I do like this better than the constant rain. Makes for better trail riding and eagle watching.

    Get well!



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