November 29, 2010

She's official!

Rose's ISR papers finally came in the mail! I was so happy about how well her inspection went, that I'd more or less put the paperwork out of my mind. However, at long last she has a record of pedigree and her mare approval. I am certainly looking forward to a blue-blooded 200lb bouncing baby in our far distant future. So much so in fact that I have a hard time not mentally pairing her up with stallions on a somewhat regular basis. The stallion of the day? Schroeder. I have to say that their website is a bit of a drawback, but his foal crops so far seem promising. I'm sure I'll be interested in an entirely different stallion tomorrow, and most certainly by the time I actually ever do breed her.

For now at least all of the necessary details are taken care of and we can just focus on training and competing. Just curious, who are everyone's favorite warmblood stallions out there?

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