November 7, 2010

Lesson...well over due!

I am sitting in a McMenamins enjoying a captain neon burger and a well deserved wheat beer. I spent my morning driving way out into the countryside and body clipping the most adorable pony. He was probably the hairiest pony that I've ever clipped! He went from yellow appy fuzz ball to pretty gray appy show pony in a matter of hours. By the time I was done I just wanted to put him in the back of my car and take him home. I am sure his six year old owner will be thrilled with her pretty pony. I am looking forward to the day that AR and I have a kid as I figure I will finally have a legitimate excuse to get a pony. I'll just have to make sure to get that pony before our kid decides that snowmobiles are more interesting than horses. I'm thinking 6 months sounds good? Anyway, I just love ponies and I think it is because I've always been an adult in the horse world I never got my pony fix as a child. Before you start thinking that I have a one-track pony mind let me assure you that sitting alone in a pub with a hamburger got me to thinking of things beyond children and ponies, and I begun going down the dangerous road of reflecting on my past rather than my future.

Yesterday, Rose and I had a very over due lesson with Tracie. It was so badly needed and I'm looking forward to having regular lessons again. I find it amazing how much harder Rose works when we are in a lesson. I try to push her and work her hard when I hack her, but invariably I give her a lot more and longer breaks than when I'm in a lesson. Plus, it is just so much easier to have someone constantly telling you what to do, rather than trying to just think about what to do. Hopefully, just hopefully, I will be able to apply yesterday's ride to this afternoon's. Bending, bending, bending, is what we need to be working on now. It is nice to move on from transitions, that is for sure. Not that we won't be doing transitions still, but it is good to add another level. I also need to work on leaning much farther back and stretching up in both my sitting trot and canter. So that is my personal homework. One of these days no one will ever know that I ever showed hunters! That is my goal. I'm looking forward to a nice afternoon ride of bending and leaning back! Oh, and my farrier is coming out tonight at last to throw a trim on Rose. Yea, Rick!  

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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