October 7, 2010

What downward transitions?

A funny thing happened after Rose's month off (stall rest) this summer...we lost our downward transitions. This, I think is primarily my fault, but certainly the stall rest didn't help. Transitioning from hunt seat to dressage, and also riding a bit defensively (she is a baby...and baby's spook and do stupid stuff unpredictably) caused me to be a bit forward (hello hunt seat rider) and tense in position...and that resulted in our downward transitions going to pot. The good news is, I've been working on my position like crazy and I'm finally starting to naturally get my body in the right place. I'm also becoming more centered and balanced...and relaxing, regardless of potential spooks. I guess if my arse hits the dirt, that's life, and that's what my helmet is for.

So how are we re-establishing those downward transitions? Back to basics...which is what is helping me with my seat a lot. We are doing a lot of walk, halt, GOOD GIRL, walk, halt, GOOD GIRL. Then once she is straight and balanced (and I am too) we move up to Trot, Walk, Halt, GOOD GIRL, etc. Repetition! It is simple and it works. She's very proud of herself at the end of our sessions, and gets lot of carrots and scratches as a reward. She's been such a delight this week I couldn't be happier. There haven't been any spooks or exciting moments either. She's learning to keep walking and halting, even when another horse is in the arena and cantering. Rose wants to play and canter too, but is learning that she must listen instead!

Thanks for visiting. Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Very impressive, especially for a 3.5 year old.
    Thanks for following my blog. I'm so glad to have found yours. I want to go back and read about what you've been up to. I'm intrigued by our similarities in that we're both starting horses for the first time. Your girl is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Carol, and thanks for following my blog too! I'm enjoying the similarities as well with you and Rogo (who is a very handsome boy BTW). Good luck with your week off, I'm sure he won't forget everything in that time, but I sympathize certainly feel your pain when it comes to vacations!



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