October 31, 2010

Very scary halloween dream!

I usually dream during the morning. I don't know why, but it always seems to be in the morning, and this Halloween morning was no different. I can't really say weather or not I've dreamed about Rose before or not. I have a feeling that I had a few anxiety ridden dreams when I first got her, before I started blogging about her, when I had so much to tackle that I didn't know where to start. Regardless, if I did previously dream of her none of them were memorable. So I thought that before this morning's dream fades off into the distant ether of gray matter and repressed memories, I would share my...


I was running late and then I was busy running to Rose's paddock to grab her to show her to a girl and her mom. Apparently I was selling Rose and this was a prospective buyer. I got Rose and then remembered that I needed the buyers to sign release forms to be on the barn property. So I handed Rose off to the small, 13 year old girl who tells me that she does the 3'9" jumpers and out grew her little pony. I then ran to the tack room and grabbed paper work. Then I rushed back and started tacking her up. During that time I started showing the girl some white spots on Rose's side (she does not have these in real life) and told her that coupled with her ermine spots she could be registered paint. I then decided to lounge her for them, and then rather than me riding her, I was going to let the girl ride her instead. Then, I woke up.

Alright, maybe it's not a scary dream in the sense of Jason, and Freddy Krueger, Lady Gaga's meat dress, or the TV ad's during the last two days of the 2010 political voting season, but the way I see it that was one pretty scary dream. My waking thought was, "What the h-e-l-l"?  My second waking thought was "Ooh, I need to put the sticky buns in the oven....yum"!

Why my dream was so scary:
1. I was running late. I hate being late...it causes me a lot of anxiety.
2. I was apparently selling Rose.
3. I was selling a 3 year old warmblood that doesn't yet jump to a 13 year old girl that does the 3'-9" jumpers.
4. No one wore a helmet in the dream at all.
5. Prior to having any release paper work signed I handed a 3 year old warmblood that can be unpredictable at times off to a kid I don't know while I disappeared out of sight.
6. I was apparently about to let a 13 year old girl ride my 3 year old warmblood without actually having any knowledge, other than what she says, of her riding abilities.
7. I was incouraging the girl to register Rose as a paint. Not so scary, as just plain weird and random.

So, if you ask me, that was on messed up, scary, Halloween dream.

Happy haunting everyone, and look out for the headless horseman out there!

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