October 17, 2010

Room to run, play, and be a baby!

Trailer...headed south
Rose went for a ride this afternoon, back to a familiar place. I found out earlier this week that GMF (where Rose was started this past spring) had an opening for pasture board with another warmblood mare, 4-year old Diva. As our barn had a waiting list of four horses for the next available stall, the whole situation couldn't have worked out better. I will definitely miss everyone at our barn, and especially the barn owners. They took amazing care of Rose and I always new that she was in good hands. We will have a good home at GMF too though, so I'm happy about how everything worked out.

Rose (left) & her pasture
playmate Diva (right)
Rose is now enjoying a nice big dry and mud-proof paddock with a huge loafing shed and lovely Diva as a playmate. The two seemed to remember each other from Rose's stay last spring, and got along right away. They make quite a handsome pair, and if it weren't for Rose's star I'd probably have a hard time telling them apart! As for the human? I already saw a few friendly faces that I had met when we were there in the spring, and it's great to be back and to feel so welcomed.

Now for all those boredom breakers I just purchased? I guess the jury will be out on those for a while, until we are back in a stall. A situation I am more than happy about! I'm fairly certain that Diva will turn out to be the best boredom breaker ever.

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