October 15, 2010

Amazing Graze Treat Dispenser

Rose & her new stall toys.
In my attempt to stop this whole stall kicking nonsense, Rose has two new stall "toys". The first is the Redmond Rock, which you can see in the far left of this photo. Although not strictly a toy she seems to like it, which was evident when I arrived at the barn last night and noticed that she'd already been licking away on it, wearing the top down as smooth as a river rock. She can also scoot it around the floor, which I'm sure entertains her a bit too. I picked mine up at my local feed store, Coastal Farm & Ranch for $12.99.

Next on the roster is the Amazing Graze Treat Dispenser which arrived yesterday. I purchased mine from drsfostersmith.com, for $38.19, and it arrived in just a few days with regular shipping. I love it when that happens! After our ride, I put a portion of her feed (alfalfa pellets) in it and watched to see what she'd do with it. I was mostly concerned that she would ignore it, much like the Jolly Ball. Nope! The first 30 seconds were dramatic. She was instantly interested, as she knows the sound of pellets in plastic and she could smell them through the hole. She shoved it once, nothing happened. Then she picked it up and tossed it a foot or so, nothing happened. Then she tried to bite the center of it, presumably to get straight to the grain, which didn't work either. Then she sighed and apparently decided it was too much work and she went to eat her hay.

At this point I went ahead and fed her the rest of her grain in her feed bucket and went about cleaning tack, etc. After a while, she finished her grain and returned to the hay rack once again. I finished up with my tack and organizing things to sell that this weekend's giant bi-annual Canby Tack sale (Jolly Stall Snack anyone? A bargain at $5!), so I decided to up the anti and add another cup of alfalfa pellets, carrot chunks, and cookies to the AG. Well, that peeked her interest in it again. This time she was more determined and finally noticed that when she rolled it treats came out the hole. She was sold and just went about dispensing treat after treat. Hopefully, just hopefully, this will keep her entertained through the wee hours of the morning. We shall see. For now though, it's a keeper.

Happy trails!


  1. I've been trying to find just the right stall toy for Dee. I tried a regular Jolly Ball and all she did was poop on it. I swear she aims for it! A treat based toy might be more interesting to her. She is definitely one of those horses who is driven by her stomach lol.

  2. I'm thinking that I might cut a hole in my jolly ball and insert some treats in it. That might make it more appealing to her. If not, it's being retired to our house as a dog toy. At least he loves playing with it!



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