September 30, 2010

One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today I brought Rose home. A lot has changed in that time (read my original post here). At the time she taped 15.2h and 900lb. Today, at 3½ years old, she stands just shy of 16.1h and is a solid 1100lb. Wow! One year, three inches and 300lb! Fortunately, we took a photo of her three days after we brought her home, so I thought I'd share a before and after photo with everyone.

Rose & I, 2009
Rose & I, 2010

Happy trails and swooshy tails!


  1. Rose is beautiful!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! And to answer your question about hauling horses long distance~ it isn't that bad driving a long time, you just have to remember to think of your horse and really you should pull over and unload your horse to stretch its legs every 4-6 hours, if you can't unload, then just stopping somewhere for awhile helps your horses recover a little from the constant movement of the trailer. We only unload the horses on really long trips, when we layover somewhere, other then that we keep driving. We also keep hay and water in front of them at all times. We put standing wraps on the front legs and we use a lot of shavings in the trailer too.
    When I haul my own horses, it is usually only for a couple hours, so I don't feed hay and water in the trailer, but if I went on a longer trip, I would definitely do it.
    There is a lot more, but don't stress (I know, it's hard not too!) Just remember to check on your horse at every stop, and drive safe!! It gets easier with every haul!

  2. My goodness she is gorgeous!! I'm glad to hear she grew three inches in her two year old year because my Friesian/Arabian colt just turned two and he's 15.1hh. I'm hoping he'll make 16hh by three. :)



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