September 19, 2010

The new routine & dressage letters download

Rose is going under saddle pretty well for a three-year old, so with winter approaching I've decided to mix things up a bit. If I had my own property that she could be turned out on 24/7 I would probably give her the next six months off to simply grow and be a horse. However, that dream is not the case, so I'll keep her under saddle through the winter, but I'm going to cut back on our riding times. I think that three days a week is plenty for her at this stage, so Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday remain our "under saddle" work, and then Saturday or Sunday will only be our ground work, trailer loading, hand grazing, head scratching...enjoyment day.

Also, after much thought and discussions with our trainer, I've decided not to take her to the dressage show in October. I don't think she's ready, so I don't want to push it. She'll get to go to a show in the spring, and she'll be a bit more mature then. Regardless, I thought it would be nice to have some dressage letters up in the arena. I know that there are plans for some permanent all weather ones to get put up, but I'm a bit impatient so I thought I'd make some temporary ones. They are small, but they get the job done and won't blow around in the wind/rain since they fit within our posts. Hopefully this will help out our transition work a bit and make things a bit more accurate. If you'd like to download a PDF of my letters for your own use, click here.

Happy trails and clean tails!

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