August 21, 2010

Premium mare!

Genva (Rose) at the 2010 ISR/Oldenburg NA inspection.
Yesterday was Rose's big day at inspection, and boy did she do great. The judge absolutely loved her and couldn't say enough nice things about her. She tied for champion premium mare of the day with a score of 105! I was in utter disbelief, because although I think she's beautiful I figured I am a bit biased. Nope, she's one heck of a mare! Now that she's been approved to make a good mommy, she gets to have a nice long show career first.

Here are her scores

1. Head: 7
2. Neck: 6
3. Shoulder, saddle position: 6
4. Frame, topline: 7
5. Forelegs: 7
6. Hind Legs: 7
7. Breed, mare sex type: 7.5 (x2= 15)
8. Walk in hand: 7 (x2= 14)
9. Swing and elasticity of gates: 7.5 (x2= 15)
10. Correctness of the gates: 6
11. Overall impression and development: 7.5 (x2= 15)
Total Score of 105 - premium!

We also took a video of her going. I dubbed out the sound, as there was a forest fire near by and the sound of the helicopter dumping water was all that could be heard. Too bad, as I would have loved to have the judge's comments recorded. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Yeah! That's amazing news! Congratulations, you must be so proud.

    (reposted due to my inability to spell)

  2. I know this happened ages ago but yay!! So exciting! Congrats!



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