August 6, 2010

Exciting times!

I've been a bit busy with wedding planning as of late, hence the lack of blog updates. If I make it to the barn four days a week and get to bed before midnight it's been a good week. Luckily the wedding is in 21 days, so soon life will return to normal and we'll have some free time again. The wedding being so near also means that Rose's ISR/Oldenburg inspection is only 14 days away! I've started practicing trotting her in triangles and I intend to do a trial run braid on her mane next week and see how she goes with that.

In addition to getting ready for inspection, we are finally in full work again...meaning cantering. Her leg has healed up beautifully and I don't think that there will be a scar at all. There is just some scar tissue underneath it that will eventually flatten out (or so my vet tells me). Tonight's ride was one of the most satisfying yet (aside from that first ride, which will probably always be the best one). She cantered the longest that we ever had, and we did some simple changes on a figure eight. She performed them perfectly, and picked up the correct lead every time. In addition, she's finally starting to balance herself to the right (her off side). So I am very pleased with our progress, and hopefully we will be in good enough for to get some valuable advice during our lesson with Tracie next week. I've also started cooling her out by walking around the barn outside of the arena. She's really enjoying getting out of the arena, and I can't wait to take her on a trail ride. I'm starting to get very comfortable riding her outside of an enclosed area, and we even trotted a bit today. Our first trail ride will probably be sometime in September, after the wedding festivities come to an end.

In other news, big changes are happening at our little barn this month. There is a new dressage/hunter trainer moving in with her clients! This means no more empty stalls and hopefully a few more people around in the evenings. Although I'll never complain about getting to have an indoor arena all to myself, it will be nice to have company when I ride and a trainer at the barn. I am certainly looking forward to a more invigorating social life at the barn.

This weekend I'm off to the beach with my girlfriends for some bachelorette party fun and Miss Rose gets the weekend off, which she certainly deserves after such a great ride tonight. Have a good weekend everyone and happy trails!

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