June 7, 2010

Ride no. 4

I had my fourth ride on miss Rose today. We are only at Tracie's barn until Saturday, so I'm trying to get as many lessons on her as possible before we go. Overall we did well although she's certainly a baby and tries all the silly baby maneuvers. She gives up easily though, once she realizes you mean business, so that's a relief. She's really understanding leg now, is accepting light contact and is starting to bend well. Tracie's done such a great job with her, I just hope that I can do her justice. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and I'm sure that we will be hauling in for lessons on a regular basis. I feel safe on her though and I am ready to start riding her regularly.

The next few days I'm out of town taking my licensing exam. As such I took the day off to prepare and squeezed a lesson on my way out of town. The timing worked out perfect, and now I'm off to bed to get up early and go take that exam! I'm looking forward to the exam if only to end the all consuming study sessions and to have my spare time back. It also means that I will be riding at least 4 days a week again, at long last. I defiantly feel like I got out of shape over the winter. Although mucking stalls and ground work keeps the upper body strong, it dosen't do much for the abs or legs. The weather also seems to finally becoming more summer like. It stopped raining, and to my shock, when the clouds go away it is hot out! I've had to scramble to find all of my sun screen to avoid ending up with my usual polo shirt farmers tan. I'm thinking that a farmers tan may not go all that well with my wedding dress in August...so sunblock a hoy!

Have a great one.

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