June 2, 2010

Rain, rain, go away...

It is June.

It is still raining.

Today we are expected to get 3" of rain in the valley, 5" in the hills/mountains. I don't know for a fact, but I'm almost certain that it rained every day in May and that we had a record amount of rainfall. I know that it rained 24 days in April. I'm also pretty sure that we've already hit our average rainfall quota for the year...and it's only halfway over (sigh). Sadly, all of my little seedlings that I planted once I was certain the frost had ended are not faring well. All the crops in the area seem to be rotting from being inundated with rain.

Although I'm sad about my plants, I am so elated that Rose is at GMF now. No mud, no mud, no mud! No mud for the foreseeable future either, as we are not going back to our old barn, but moving onto a lovely place with dry runs and a big indoor arena. We are off to our new barn mid-June, once I've finished taking my exam and can return to devoting more time to Rose's training. I will be sad to leave GMF (nirvana) but I am so excited to not have to study all the time and actually get to ride instead. As I look out my office window at the driving rain storm I can't even imagine having to put her back out in that old muddy field and not be able to ride her while we wait out this bizarrely long and cold rainy season. It makes me so happy to have her somewhere where she gets an unending supply of hay, dry stall run, lush green pastures, good dry footing, and great barn owners. It's heaven I tell you. Just heaven!

On a side note: I rode Rose again on Monday. She has some steering now. She's getting the concept of leg yielding and bending. Also, her trot is so comfortable that I could sit it all day! Tracie has done just an amazing job with her, and I just couldn't be more pleased. My parent's also came out to the barn with me and watched our lesson. They seemed to have a great time and it was adorable watching my mom dote on her and feed her a million cookies. Can you say grandmother?

Have a good one and stay dry.

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