June 14, 2010

Our lucky streak had to end sometime...

On Saturday morning I headed out to GMF to pack up Rose and to move her to our new barn. Before we left though, I decide to ride her so that she'd be a bit tired in hopes that she'd be nice and calm for the trailer ride and for our arrival at the new barn. So I officially had my first solo ride on her and she was terrific! After that we packed up and hauled her closer to home, to our new barn. She arrived nice an quiet, as hoped, and backed nice and calmly off the trailer and seemed quite content to be somewhere knew. My theory of riding her first seemed to work. We let her settle into her new stall and then turned her out in her own paddock and all was well.

Sunday morning however, she decided to tell off the gelding in the paddock next to her. Unfortunately, she decided to do it through the electric fencing that separates the paddocks. Obviously the resulting shock didn't go over well with her and she ended up snapping the electric fence and knocking down a T-post as well...resulting in several superficial lacerations on her cannon bone, and one deep one that went through the fascia. The good news is that there doesn't appear to be any ligament damage. The bad new is she needed three stitches and is on a week of stall rest and a month of walking and trotting at the maximum until she is all healed up...approximately 3.5 weeks.

So we had a nice stretch of no injuries there for a while, hopefully this is a one-off and we'll return to her staying in one piece for a while again. I am also hoping she's learned her lesson about the electric fence and will leave it alone now. Regardless, I think we'll have to sort out turnout so that she has a mare as a neighbor or a super chill gelding. What do we do now though, with a month of walking? Now that we've tackled our clipping issue, I think I'll dedicate this month to working on ground tying as well getting our steering concrete with leg yielding, haunches in, shoulder in, etc. at the walk.

Oh the joy of babies...

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