June 16, 2010

Indoor arenas are fantastic!

It was such a delight to watch the never ending, record breaking*, June downpour from my office window yesterday and knowing that I would get to ride Rose in a nice dry indoor arena after work! Certainly board costs me a bit more now, but I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about how and under what conditions I have to work under with Rose. Oh yeah, and NO MORE MUD! I know that that is getting kind of old, and I promise to stop talking about it, but after one of the wettest muddiest winters of my life it is just so nice to no longer have to deal with mud.

Rose was still good an calm last night during our walk session. After she started bending nicely to the right (that's her not so flexible side) I decided to spice life up and have her walk figure eights over some ground poles I laid down the center line. She tried to evade them at first, but after a couple go rounds she walked nice and straight down the center of them, and we ended on a very good note with that. She's such a good girl!

*Yep, as of yesterday this June is officially the wettest on record with over 4" of rain so far and no end to it in sight. I may not have to worry about tan lines with my wedding dress at this rate...I'm sure I'll still be glowing in the dark come August!

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  1. We've had so much rain, too, that I don't think there has hardly been a day this spring that I haven't been thankful to have an indoor arena where we board. Worth every penny!



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