April 19, 2010

This is how weekends should be...

SUN, SUN, SUN! The rain has subsided for at least the past week. I am sure that we will still have a few good rainstorms between now and June, and the paddocks will return to their typical muddy state a few more times before summer arrives, but for now the ground is firm and dry. Thanks to the improved footing, I managed to longe Rose a couple times last week and this weekend.

On Saturday, she was full of spice and vinegar while on the longe line, gracing me with a couple bucks and deciding to trot/canter when she should have been walking. I realized the last time I longed her that the game she's trying to play is to get our dog to come in the paddock and play with her. Much to her dismay I caught on to her game and the dog was banished to the tack room until longeing ended. So, she got to trot a lot more than she wanted to and when she realized there was no dog to play with she settled down and got to work. Afterward we went through our weekly clipping routine. She stood perfectly quiet while I trimmed her bridle path and feet. It struck me, as I squatted on the ground clipping her hind right sock with my torso more or less under her belly, how far we've come in such a short while. She's become much calmer and more well behaved and I have begun developing quite a bit of trust with her. I couldn't even have fathomed doing such a thing with her back in October, without the certainty of being kicked or stepped on. I worked with her a bit on trimming her ears, which she's still not convinced of, but we are getting there. I'm sure I'll be clipping them by the time summer arrives. After a few good scratches and treats I called it a day, looking forward to the next day's forecast.

Sunday was unseasonably warm! It was sunny and in the 70's. For a moment I felt like it was June, but had to remind myself that it's still the end of the rainy season...after all April showers bring May showers in our part of the world. Regardless, I couldn't wait to get to the barn and enjoy the sunshine. Since I'm on a mission to haul Rose somewhere new and fun at least every other week (I don't want her thinking the trailer is just for the Vet) AR and I decided that we would haul her to a nearby State park that is popular with trail riders and take some new photos. When we got to the barn, she had been running amok in her paddock, and was dripping wet with sweat. So I decided that a quick bath would be in order before loading  her. In the mean time, AR worked on a few things he wanted to fix on the trailer (one of his favorite parts of the whole horse thing...tools, engines, trailers). Soon after she was dry and shiny, we loaded her up and headed off to the park.

Once we opened her drop window on the trailer, she was instantly interested in our location, and I am pretty sure she was smiling when she saw all the cute little trail horses in the parking lot. I wasn't sure what to expect of her her first time in the wide open...so I had taken a stud chain along for some added leverage and security. She unloaded nice and calm and I walked her over to hand graze not far from a group of horses. She was delighted and calm for a while and seemed to settle right in. I was very pleased. So we got her brushed and started taking some photos. That is when some random horse in the parking lot called. UGH! Rose decided that she must answer, and then they kept calling back and forth until the other horse left. Then she was very concerned since there was no response, and increased her calling. After our ears adjusted to her squeals, the whole thing became more humorous than anything else, as it posed some photographic challenges. After a while we decided that we'd gotten a few good photos so we loaded her up and took her home. She was such a good girl, and has started becoming quite photogenic!


  1. And where are these gorgeous pictures?? I know this is an old post, but I would love to see them. :)

  2. This was at McIver State Park, outside of Oregon City/Portland, Oregon! They have some wonderful equestrian trails. Lots of steep hills to gallop up and little creeks to cross.



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