March 7, 2010

Yesterday we took a break from training...

and bought a trailer! It was a tough decision to take the uncharacteristically sunny and warm (65 degrees) Saturday off from working with Rose and go trailer shopping, but it had to be done. The trailer I've borrowed from a good friend over the winter has become too small/short for Rose's ever growing and uphill warmblood  frame. After chocking our pennies away over the winter, educating ourselves on the various brands by visiting every trailer dealership we passed by, I finally found a promising Craigslist advertisement for an oversize 2-horse slant trailer outside of Spokane, WA. For those of you who are not from the Northwest, the town was a 6-7hour drive from Portland. Yes, it is a long drive, especially when you turn around and drive home the same day, but if the trailer panned out to be all it was said to be, it would be worth it. As such, I was completely ready to turn around and drive home empty-handed. However, the seller was very upfront about everything with the trailer, it met and succeeded all of my requirements for what we needed, and the price was right. As it panned out the risk was worth it and we ended up pulling into our driveway last night about 830pm with a shiny new-to-us trailer. All in all, a great day!

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