March 10, 2010

Does she body clip?

Now that I was finally able to bathe Rose, I decided it was a good idea to see if she would clip. Fully prepared for it to go badly, I set out to take it nice and slow and one day at a time. My thoughts were that if she didn't clip now I would have this winter to teach her, so that next year, once she was started and needed a winter clip I wouldn't have to deal with it then.

I pulled out my big beautiful variable-speed Oster ClipMaster clippers, lubed them up, found a helper, and prepared for the worst. I let Rose sniff the clippers, I switched them on, I rubbed the vibrating handle all over her body, and then tentatively began to clip her tummy. Rose stood quietly in the cross ties, apparently enjoying the mini massage. I was in shock, and quickly went about finishing up a trace clip. She was good about her body, muzzle, and feet, but her bridle path and ears were not on the menu for the day. However, I couldn't be happier about how it went. After all, we had the winter to continue working on the ears and bridle path, but at the very least I knew the rest would never be an issue. What a good girl!

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