February 26, 2010

The Project: 2.5year old Oldenburg x filly named Rose

Despite the economy and uneasiness in the job-market I had been debating getting back into horse ownership for about six months. I was very much regretting turning down a wonderful chestnut OTTB that had been offered by an old friend (an offer I turned down due to questionable job security at the time, which panned out to be a false alarm). Eventually I knew that once the right project came along I would probably bite the bullet. In late September, 2009 I heard through the grapevine that there was a filly by the stallion Gatsby (whose offspring I've seen and fallen in love with). The idea of owning my own Gatsby baby, without having to go through the breeding process greatly appealed to me. After a few calls with the seller, we made arrangements to go out and take a look at her. So, on September 30th, 2009 a few good friends brought along their horse trailer and drove out to Gaston, Oregon with me to look at her. 

I liked what I saw, the price was right, and after two hours we got her to load onto the trailer (note to self: teach horse to load). 45 minutes later, she backed off the trailer like a pro, quietly walked right into her stall and chowed down on her yummy eastern Oregon orchard grass hay. She was quiet and content, at least for the night. So far I had yet to see what direction this project would take me. Time would tell...

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